IPS 121-122 Review

Product Name: 121/122
Brand: IPS
Max Speed: 12.5 mph
Max Range: 25/19 miles
Tire Size: 16″




New to the world of electric unicycles? Maybe you’ve already been bitten by the bug and now want to upgrade from a cheaper model to something with more power? If so, IPS have a pair of mid-range ‘wheels’ you should seriously consider. IPS is a company that has gained a respectable reputation for constructing high quality self-balancing electric scooters for a couple of years now. Their IPS121 and IPS122 sit somewhere in the middle of the electric scooter market, offering excellent power, range, and speed. That makes them great for a starter unit or to just enjoy a little more capability than what you currently own.


How it Works


The IPS121/122 receives information from a gyroscope system to measure any forward or backward movement you might make. By analyzing this data over a hundred times a second it can then make adjustments to keep you balanced, as long as you are moving. All you have to do then is just lean in the direction you’d like to go.


Main Features


These electric unicycles feature a wheel that’s on the larger side at 16”. That allows a much more varied range of terrain to be safely travelled on yet you’ll lose a small amount of turning ability in the process. IPS has a fantastic video showcasing what’s possible with the 121/122, including riding in rough off-road areas and navigating large stairs with ease, all made possible due to the high torque 1000w motor. If you want freedom to go almost anywhere with your electric unicycle these will do just that.


Choice of design is limited to only two colors, red or white. The IPS121/122 won’t win any awards for looks, but the rugged and functional styling will still appeal to many.


Speed and Range


These units can reach speeds up to 12.5 mph which puts them in the middle range of most electric unicycles. Compared to something such as the AirWheel’s X3 top speed of 8 mph this is quite a step up in performance, though. The maximum distance you can expect depends on which size battery yours is fitted with.


The 122/340Wh model can reach distances of 25 miles, while the 121/260Wh is limited to slightly less, around 19 miles on a full charge. There is a $100 difference between the two, so remember to factor that into your budget.




The IPS121/122 score well in all the important areas we look at when evaluating an electric unicycle. They’re fast, can travel for impressive distances, and will handle almost any terrain you throw at them (within reason of course), including hills and stairs. The build quality is up there with the best too, including the powerful motor that generates outstanding torque. They really tick all the boxes you could expect a mid-priced electric unicycle to aim for.




We found the IPS121/122 to exhibit no real issues concerning the overall design. Some might find the weight, at close to 40 pounds, difficult to manage when transporting the device to a riding location, however. One of their strengths, the long range available, also means these units can take upwards of 3 hours to reach a full charge for the 121 and 2 hours with the 122 model. Considering that you’re be able to cover so much ground on that charge, in most cases you won’t need another one the same day, which makes this less of a problem we feel.




The IPS121/122 both make a great choice for those who are a little more serious about what they want to achieve with their electric unicycle. The build quality and performance easily matches and exceeds the cost, making either a superb value.

In short, the IPS121/122 are great all-rounders from a company that has a proven track record producing electric unicycles. An easy buy we’d say.

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