Jetson Electric Bike Review


Ever heard of the bicycle that’s not actually a bicycle? Jetson is a company located in New York that manufactures the Lithium Ion Powered Eco-Friendly Electric Bike. And while it technically classifies as an electric bicycle, it offers riders something closer to a traditional moped. With range to spare, and plenty of speed (but not too much – more about that later), the Jetson Electric Bike just might be the ideal device to replace your gas guzzling car.

How it Works

The fully assembled Jetson is powered by a 500 watt motor and 48v Lithium ion battery. Simply insert the key to turn on the motor and squeeze the throttle lever to start riding. To slow down, front and rear brakes are applied when pulling the left lever, the engine is also disabled to assist in stopping. Front and rear suspension help smooth out your ride on top of 16” wheels.

As mentioned earlier, the Jetson is legally classified as an electric bicycle and not a moped. This means no license is needed to ride one. In fact, just to keep you out of legal trouble, Jetson has included a written copy of the Federal law that allows owners to ride it without any registration necessary.

Main Features


The Jetson, unlike some less expensive scooters, comes with all the features you’d expect in a road ready vehicle. These include both high and low beam headlights, a horn, mirrors, turn indicators, and a digital display complete with odometer, speedometer, and battery level indicator

Although not as large as standard bicycle tires, the Jetson’s 16” wheels are big enough to handle most bumps and gaps you might encounter. As it technically is a bike, you have workable pedals that can power the unit even with the motor turned off. Jetson say this is a way to recharge the battery while you ride, but most users find the pedals too inefficient to rely on. The scooter is available in a wide variety of colors, over 10 in all, that include everything from black, white, pink, green, and more.

Speed and Range

The maximum speed allowed, in a stock configuration, is 20 mph. This is one of the limitations needed to make the Jetson legally considered an electric bicycle. There is a way to remove the limiter installed by default to increase the maximum speed of 25 mph, though. At this point you’d need to look into your local laws, however, as its status as an electric bicycle would then be invalidated.

Jetson claim their electric bike can reach distances of up to 40 miles. Whether you will be lucky enough to get that far will depend on your own riding factors. Some owners have only been able to get about 10-15 miles on a full charge, others up to at least 35. Charging time is approximately four hours although some have noticed longer times are needed to get the maximum range possible out of this scooter.


This electric bike goes from strength to strength in both performance and features. It looks great too. The handy included paperwork will also ensure trouble free riding in the unlikely event you get pulled over. Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, the Jetson looks and acts like a serious road vehicle.


The only real downside to the Jetson is its price and weight. And this really depends on what you compare it to. As a replacement for a car or motorcycle it’s still much cheaper, with the weight, at 125 pounds, being a non factor as long as you don’t need something portable.


With a hefty range, substantial speed, all wrapped up in a sleek design, the Jetson Electric Bicycle is a legitimate replacement for your daily journey.

If you want the comfort and amenities of a gas powered motorbike or moped without all the noise, fumes and carbon waste, it’s a great way to go. At just over $1800 it won’t fit everyone’s budget, but for those that can afford it, the Jetson is a serious contender in the electric scooter market.

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