List of Hoverboard Speeds

The speed of a hoverboard is an important thing to know for many consumers, especially those that plan on using one for commuting to work. There are different factors that affect the hoverboards speed and most range from 6-10 MPH (although there are a few exceptions). The most important factor that will affect speed is the size of tire. Almost all hoverboards utilize 6.5″ wheels and have very similar top end speeds. Here we will go over our list of hoverboards in order of their top speed:

#1) Glyro 8 inch Turbo Hoverboard Top Speed

This is by far the fastest hoverboard on the market today. This unit utilizes 8″in wheels which helps to contribute to its top speed of 13mph. It’s important to note, this speed definitely increase the risk of injury.

#2) Swagway X1

The Swagway is one the most popular models self balancing scooters and has a top end speed of 10MPH. For a model with average size tires, this is scary fast!

#3) Powerboard

This is another model with 6.5″ tired and has top speed of 8MPH.

#4) Hovertrax

This hoverboard can reach a maximum speed of 6mph which makes it one of the slower models on the market. Being manufactured the global leader Razor, the assumption is that there are safety reasons behind it.

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