Spitfire Scout Scooter Review

Limited mobility is never an easy experience to go through, but the availability of modern powered scooters can help you regain freedom that would otherwise be lost. Drive Medical has been in the business of improving people’s’ lives through a diverse product range of wheelchairs, powered scooters, and more for over 15 years. Their Spitfire Scout is an affordable solution to aid those who have trouble getting around, enabling them to maintain their independence.

How it Works

The Spitfire is powered by a 270 watt motor with either a 12Ah or 20Ah battery pack. To move forward, there is a large throttle lever that spans both sides of the handlebars. In order to slow down, simply release the throttle and it will return automatically to the neutral position while stopping the scooter. To add some level of security a lock start system requires a key to be inserted before the motor will engage.

Main Features

The center console of the Spitfire houses a horn, battery indicator (that doubles as an error indicator) and a speed dial. A front basket gives enough room for a small amount of groceries or other items to be stored, useful when traveling during shopping trips. With a capacity of 300 pounds the Spitfire should accommodate most riders, although as discussed later, the seat might not suit everyone. Anti-tip wheels help maintain stability throughout your ride, helping to prevent any harmful accidents. If you need more carry-on space Drive Medical also offer a few accessories to help with that including:

  • Armrest bag
  • Backpack
  • Trailer
  • Rear basket

In addition, you can purchase a protective cover for keeping the unit in good cosmetic shape so it stays looking good for years to come. Finally, other add-ons such as a cane, oxygen, and or drink holder make the Spitfire even more versatile for those who have specific requirements for their daily commute.

Speed and Range

The Spitfire maintains a modest 4.5 mph, easily fast enough for getting to and from short distances. How far you can travel depends on the capacity of battery fitted.  The 12Ah model will reach about 9 miles in favorable conditions, while the 20Ah will extend the range to about 15 miles on a full charge. Some care is needed to maintain a correct charge in the scooter’s batteries. Drive Medical recommend you charge fully when first using the Spitfire, about 8-12 hours. From then on, re-charging once the battery is at half capacity will improve its performance. If you are using the Spitfire daily then plugging it in overnight each day will get it ready for the next day’s travel.


Those who wish to transport the Spitfire to locations beyond its range will find packing it up and re-assembling a big plus to the unit’s design. Able to reduce down in size easily enough to fit in the trunk of your car, the Spitfire Scout can then be put back together again in just over 30 seconds. And at a weight of just 94 pounds it should be manageable for most once it’s broken down in separate sections. The 8” tires used are a solid design, this eliminates the need to worry about them going flat, although there is a downside, explained in the next section. Its price is very affordable too, especially for those who are unable to purchase one through their insurance and thus must pay out of pocket.


While, the Spitfire is highly rated among most of its users, a few issues should be noted. The solid tires, while simplifying maintenance, can transfer some of the bumps and shocks to the rider compared to softer pneumatic wheels, making for a choppy ride. One of the biggest complaints with the Spitfire is a lack of sharp turning radius.  This isn’t a fault of the device itself but due to a lack of clarity within the insurrection manual. You’ll need to disengage the front wheel lock in order to open up full control of turning on the scooter. And as mentioned earlier, some riders find the seat to be on the small side, although this shouldn’t be a concern for most.


 This scooter offers almost everything you could want in an affordable electric mobility device while still retaining a high standard of quality that Drive Medical is known for.

Available for just over $600, you can take back control of your life and start enjoying it once again with the new found freedom that the Spitfire Scout can provide.

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