X-Treme Scooters XB-504 Review

As one of the longest running electric scooter and bicycle manufacturers, dating back to 2001, X-Treme Scooters has acquired a level of experience most competing companies can’t match. The XB-504 electric bicycle is an update, although only cosmetically, to their popular XB-502 that was first released six years ago. At a price point well below its main competitors, does it offer the comparable quality, or is it a case of you get what you pay for?

How it Works


The XB-504 functions similar to most scooters in this class. Four 12v lead acid batteries power a 48v 500 watt motor.  Brake and throttle levers on either handle allow the driver to adjust speed and engage the front and rear drum brakes. A safety key ignition system helps keep the bike secure when you’re not riding it. Due to the lower wattage motor and speed limit, the XB-504 technically classifies as an electric powered bicycle, not a moped. This clears the owner of any responsibility for registration, insurance, or licensing needed to drive. In order to qualify for this status the XB-504 does include pedals which can be used to power the device manually. For those who don’t wish to use the pedals they can be omitted even being assembled to the device, this comes with some risk, however.  More on that later.

Main Features


Despite the cheaper price, the XB-504 comes stocked with all the usual add ons that more costly rivals offer. These are but not limited to:

  • Horn
  • Mirrors
  • Head light
  • Tail light
  • Battery level
  • Speedometer


The dashboard display on the XB-504 is composed of more traditional analog dials, not the digital readouts that most modern units come with. The included manual is clear with color real world photos of the scooter, something you don’t see often and makes assembly and troubleshooting easier. Front and rear shocks will assist in any road bumps for a more enjoyable ride on standard 16” tires. The maximum rider weight is suggested to not exceed 300 pounds, although even that would probably be pushing it and severely reduce performance. You can order the scooter in a small variety of colors: black, blue, or burgundy. The overall look has been upgraded from the XB-502 to look sleeker and more contemporary. It still lags behind some of the newer designs present on the Jetson and Groove, though.

Speed and Range

The XB-504 scores evenly on both range and speed, matching other scooters in its class. You can expect around 20-25 miles per full charge, with the speed topping out at about 20 mph, safely at the legal limit for this kind of vehicle.


There’s nothing particularly special about the XB-504 compared to some of the other electric bikes reviewed here. That’s ok though, it still receives top marks for including all the basic essentials you’d expect to find on a power assisted bicycle scooter.


Like all scooters the performance experienced can fluctuate depending on your driving conditions. While some riders will love the speed and range, even exceeding the manufacturer’s official figures, others will no doubtedly find it lacking where they decide to ride. A few owners have found the instructions confusing, perhaps this was with an outdated manual, the current one is easy enough to follow. It should be noted that by not installing the included pedals the scooter might not pass inspection for an electric bicycle. Be sure to check with your local laws first in order to avoid any potential fines.

Lastly, older style lead acid batteries are used here, which help raise the weight of a full loaded XB-504 up to 176 pounds. The manual also warns of over charging, beyond 8 hours. You’ll need to be careful to avoid damage.



X-Treme Scooters’ XB-504 has all the features and ability you’ll find on the more expensive brands at about 60% of the cost. So what’s the downside? We really haven’t found any, despite looking.  Other than what some might consider a little dated design and display system it offers a superbly economical way to replace your car for local light traveling.

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